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Revolutionizing Basketball Training Through Science

Finish Strong Hoops was founded by Dr. Chris Hart after seeing the need for science driven performance training programs for basketball athletes. 

Basketball is a team sport and it is therefore difficult for team strength coaches and medical staff to provide the necessary individualized training throughout the entire year.

In response, Dr. Hart created a remote training platform. One that would replace an entire team of professionals: a Strength Coach, a Physical Therapist, and a Nutrition Coach. His goal was to give basketball athletes of all levels access to the latest science and technology to deliver truly personalized programming. 

This is the mission of Finish Strong Hoops



Dr. Chris Hart is one of the most credentialed performance coaches in basketball. He is a Residency Trained Board Certified Doctor of Physical Therapy (SCS), a Human and Sport Performance PhD candidate, and a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

His years of experience working as a Strength Coach in Division I college and within multiple NBA teams, while also providing medical rehab to injured players, allows him to provide an unique thoroughness to his approach.


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